Earn $$$ for NAB by Signing Up for Community Rewards

Did you know you can earn money to support Novi Athletics just by doing your regular shopping at your local grocery store? Busch’s Fresh Food Market offers as great fund-raising opportunity for Novi fans through its Cash for Education program. Partnering with Novi Athletic Boosters, Busch’s  has committed to donate up to 5 percent of total sales from Novi fans using the Busch’s MyWay program. (You will earn 5 percent for purchases made with cash, check or debit card and 3 percent for credit-card purchases.)

Follow these steps to ensure that your purchases are properly credited to Novi Athletic Boosters:

  • If you don’t already have one, you must obtain a Busch’s MyWay card. Instructions are available on the Busch’s Cash For Education web page on the Busch’s web site.
  • Access your MyWay account on the Busch’s web site and register your Cash for Education card.  Enter your card number located on the back of the card and click the “Register Card” button. Register your card and link it to the Novi Athletic Boosters.