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Exhibitor Letter

NAB supports Novi teams with gifts

You might have attended some of the Novi Athletic Boosters club’s fund-raising events such as TASTEFEST, NAB Wine Tasting Event and the Holiday Kickoff Arts & Crafts Show. You might even have bought an Annual Sports Pass and supported the businesses that advertise in the Sports Program fund-raising program. But have you ever wondered just how the NAB spends all the proceeds from these events and programs  – more than $1 million to date? The answer is simple: GIFTS.

The NAB provides gifts of professional training, facility upgrades and equipment to all eligible athletic teams at Novi High School and Novi Middle School. Before each new season, coaches submit requests to the Athletic Office for needs extending beyond what can be provided through the Athletic Department budget. The Athletic Director evaluates the list, determines which teams are eligible to have their requests fully funded based on NAB volunteers commitments  and then makes a formal request to the Novi Athletic Boosters.

Already this year, the club has paid out more than $19, 208 in gifts of equipment alone  through the Fall Athletic Teams request, with another approximately $12,405 added  for Winter Athletic Teams requests, bringing the team request total to $31,613 for the year.

Here is a current list of NAB gifts to Novi Athletics for the 2013-14 school year:

Boys Golf/Girls Golf 5 Range Finders, Tournament Fees $1,539
Girls Swim & Dive 40 Sets of Training Paddles/ 15 sets Training Fins $1,008
Boys Tennis / Girls Tennis 12 Douglas Tennis Nets/12 Center Straps/3 sets Tennis Targets $2,735
Boys Football Samsung laptop/4 Sony video cameras/12 Rawlings helmets $5,371
Boys Cross Country 60 sets of warmup $3,480
Girls Volleyball Nets/Winch system $1,779
Girls Sideline Cheer 45 sets of warmups $2,115
Girls Pom Performance Poms $880
Girls Basketball 2 iPads/Camera $1,250*
Boys/Girls Ski 3 GoPros with Accessories $1,600*
Boys Hockey Air Purifier/Game Socks/Pants Shells $2,550*
Boys Wrestling 30 Singlets/15 Warmup Jackets/20 sets Head Gear $3,105*
All Teams Yoga Training (8-week session) $1,600*
Boys Swim & Dive 20 Swim Parachutes $1,400*
Girls Competitive Cheer 60 Competition shirts/Video creating program $600*
Boys Basketball Shooting Aid $300*

(* Denotes approximate figures, pending receipts from the Novi Athletic Department.)

JV Football Banquet Varsity Boys Lacrosse -vs- Northville
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